Courtney A. Lashomb

Courtney A. Lashomb

Independent Wealth Manager

I enjoy partnering with people on their planning needs because every person is alive with possibility. My goal is to help them sort through the financial clutter and gain clarity. I want to help my clients experience success – whatever that looks like to them.

My favorite moment is to see the hope in a potential new client’s eyes when they realize I can help them answer their burning questions or help them lift a boulder. Questions and boulders like:

  • Am I okay?
  • How do I navigate this latest phase in my business?
  • Can I “retire” earlier?
  • Where do I start?

Many people are looking for a problem-solving partner, a way to merge their values with their finances, and a support team. A great day is hearing from a client that we have achieved this.

I am honored and touched when someone trusts me enough to refer their friends, family, or co-workers to work with me as well.

Where does this start?

It starts with a call or email so we can have a conversation about your specific needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out because I love working with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and life stages.

On the personal side:

Previously I was a volunteer trainer with an organization aimed at building resiliency in active duty/National Guard military and veteran families.

In the future I look forward to participating in events or boards to continue bringing awareness, light, and empowerment to veterans and their families. This is an experience rich community that has a lot to offer our communities.

My current season of life is about exploring the world with my elementary age kids and connecting with friends and family. Quality Time is my Love Language and I will take any opportunity to get together with people over great food and wine to talk and laugh for hours.

Education, Licenses, and Financial Services Activities:

  • Behavioral Financial Advisor™ (BFA™)
  • Life, Health, and Accident Insurance Licenses
  • Member of Financial Planning Association of MN
  • Graduate of University of Minnesota – Twin Cities