Courtney A. Lashomb

Courtney A. Lashomb           

Independent Wealth Manager

I utilize my degree in global studies and certification in behavioral finance to help clients answer the question “Am I Okay?” Our business uses the best behavioral finance tools available to help clients achieve their One Best Financial Life ®. Some of these tools include:

-Money Mind ® Analyzer
-Honest Conversations ®
-Priority Action List and Action Items
-eMoney Planning Software

Would you like to live richly now, or die never having lived? Please call today to schedule an appointment with me and we can discuss your situation.

On the personal side:

I spent the first 6 years after college working with kids of all ages as a preschool teacher and recreational gymnastics coach while my husband, Joel, served in the U.S. Navy. After separating from military service in 2011, we moved back to Minnesota where I sought a career niche that would leverage my unique background and desire to help people achieve their life’s goals and dreams.

I am also a trainer with Project Communication. Part of this organization’s mission is to build military and veteran family resiliency to withstand the stress and constant change associated with military life.